Monday, November 2, 2015

Washing-Tons of clothes!

Okay, that title is a total lie. I haven't washed any of my clothes yet here in Washington. For those of you who care (and for those of you who don't) I have been assigned to the Kitsap Lake ward in Bremerton, WA, But I we live right on the edge of Silverdale. (I'm on the edge... of Silverdale, and I'm hangin' with the Gospel of truth! [To the tune of "Edge of Glory" or whatever that song is called]) My trainer is Elder Geddes (from South Jordan, UT), and this is his last transfer. He is pretty awesome. He used to do rodeo-ing (which is cool because we were knocking and we found a family of rodeo-ers, one of which is Coleta, a nice old lady, and now a potential investigator). He also just got done with being the mission president's AP, so that is cool. Actually, elder Geddes and I are doubling in to this area, which means this is an area that has NEVER HAD ELDERS IN IT BEFORE! So, basically, all we've been doing is finding because we don't have anyone in the area book. There are sisters in this area, though, so at least we have some help understanding the layout. Basically, we spend all our time finding out here, knocking doors, or talking to people in the streets. The members are great, and so is the bishop. Knocking doors is scary, but WAY fun! We started out on Tuesday with no potential investigators, and now we have more than 15. Miracles do happen! Also, the slugs here are super sticky. I mean, touching one is like sticking your hand in a mixture of syrup, tree sap, barnacle glue, and boogers. It's super gross. ( I found one stuck to our door, and tried to pull it off. Big mistake.)
It's really green here. In fact, the vegetation is almost as green as I am. Ha. I love the work here, and prayer is such a valuable asset here. I love this Gospel. I am sorry for anyone who wrote me and I was unable to write back. I have so little time. The first investigator we met was Kaylee, who is 19 years old with a 2 year old son (Benjamin). They are so awesome! Anyway, farewell, toodloo!

Elder Benge

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