Monday, May 2, 2016

B-Oyster-ous-ness Is Chasten Me

I am full aware of how completely incomprehensible that title is. I am also fully aware that I have no idea what would be right to write right now (religious rites, perhaps?)
This week was a whirlwind roller coaster of ups and downs and vicissitudal trenches and crests that climaxed in what seemed to be a bright and brilliant victory, which was then suddenly hit in the face at the last second by a surprise, fiery curve ball/plot twist thrown by the ostensibly indomitable pitching arm of the adversary, plunging Elder Lee and I into a transitory state of spiritual anguish and bitter resentment. Now who else likes run on sentences? 
After having read that sentence a couple times in order to full process it, you may be asking things such as: "What sort of vicissitudes occurred? What sort of victory do you speak of? What is the fiery curve ball of the adversary symbolic of? How fast did he throw the curve ball? Etc."
I suppose we can treat this like D&C Section 77:
Q. What was the fiery curve ball?
A. It was the Calkins family's decision to drop us like an egg at a disco party: on the day of their mother's baptism.
Q. What did your seeming 'total victory' consist of?
A. The baptism of the mother of the Calkins family.
Q. What were the vicissitudes spoken of in verse 1?
A. Miracles in contacting, sacrifice, 'serendipitous' meetings, and acts of faith that allowed the Calkins' to continue moving forward despite all sorts of earlier trials with medication, family disputes, etc.
Q. What scriptures helped you rise out of the trenches of disappointment you faced?
A. 2 Nephi 4:19, 28,34,35 (with the rest of the chapter) and Mosiah 23:21-22
Q. Are you almost out of time?
A. Yes.

Also, we ate oysters this week. I now have 10 seconds left, so goodb

Elder Benge

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