Monday, August 8, 2016

The Rainbow Connection

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?
And what's on the other side?
Perhaps in seeing these words typed you can imagine hearing the melodious voice of Kermit the Frog (one of my heroes) vocalizing his ponderous wisdom as he carefully considers the mystical power of rainbows, or perhaps you even hear my shoddy impersonation of his silky-yet-goopy voice. You may even catch a few twangs of the banjo, echoing and reverberating deeply throughout the majestic marble halls of your memory. Or perhaps you imagined the last Skittles commercial you saw.
Rainbows are one of God's most awe-inspiring creations. They strike wonder in the hearts of nearly all who see them. No matter what you are, atheist, buddhist, christian, muslim, missionary, or meat-tenderizer, you have to admit that rainbows are simply brilliant. Yesterday, we were talking to people in the parking lot, when we noticed someone looking into the distance. "What are you looking at?" we inquired diligently, as we slowly turned to look... Whammo. We were mesmerized. It looked like the horizon was wielding a giant, arching, multi-colored lightsaber. It was seriously one of the most vivid rainbows I have ever seen. The woman we were talking to spoke up. "It's an amazing rainbow. That's a sign of God's covenant, right there."  No, she was not Mormon.
We hastily agreed, and we parted ways, but I was impressed that someone in Olympia still new the real meaning behind the rainbow. The world has lost so much by rejecting God. He is so obvious in His handiwork. His symbolism and wisdom is mind-blowing and incomprehensible. "Thy mind, o man, must stretch...". I am so grateful for a loving God who covenants with his children. The rainbow is a reminder of God's covenant with Noah that he will not flood the Earth again. However, we as Latter-Day Saints know that it also is a reminder of God's covenant with Enoch, that the Zion of Enoch will come back and the Lord himself will also come again.
Covenants are powerful. I love that rainbows always come after rain, something we often equate metaphorically to trials in our lives. The power of covenants can aid us in times of duress, and free us from bondage by linking us to the power of the Atonement of Christ.(See Mosiah 24:12-17)
This week we had quite a few followers of Islam who accepted our invitation to come and check out our church. I was very happy to see them there. Hopefully they will be able to progress as we teach them. I love this mission. I have seen many amazing things, and there is simply nothing better than teaching someone about the restored truth on this earth. We all have weaknesses, but we all also have a loving Savior reaching out to us inviting us to be a little better, to stand a little taller, and to reach a little higher. I have a testimony that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the World, and that he lives and guides this Church today. I am grateful for his power, His Atonement and His mercy. May you all have a wonderful week! 

Elder Benge

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