Monday, December 12, 2016

Blog X-clusive! Christmas Charity

Crazy thing happened this week. I was walking along in the snow and I had forgotten my gloves at home. No big deal. I had just thrown a couple snowballs, and my hands were very cold (although at this point it didn't really bother me at all).
Anyway, Elder Rogers and I were street contacting downtown, and we talked to a group of wonderful homeless men for a brief time. As we shook their hands, one of them spoke. "Your hands are freezing! Would you like my gloves?" he slurred, his speech slightly impeded by alcohol.
I was stunned. "I'm fine," I stammered, "you can keep your gloves. I just left mine at home..."
Wow. Who would have that. That was probably the most kindness I had been shown all day, and it came from such an unexpected source.
Merry Christmas.
Elder Benge

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