Monday, December 21, 2015

Blog Only: The Final Judgement (Parody of the Final Countdown)

You've denied our message
And so it's farewell,
But we'll probably come back
No matter how much you yell.
I guess you'll have no one to blame
Except for yourself
When the inevitable day comes...

It's the Final Judgement!
The Final Judgement!

You've tried to demean us,
But still we stand tall.
Our message of gladness
Is welcome to all, yeah
And now that we've knocked on your door,
I guess we'll see you 'round.
I'm sure that you'll wish you listened close...

It's the Final Judgement
The Final Judgement X3

and the rest of the song is just repetitions of things already written above, mostly consisting of the phrase: "the final judgement"
Don't judge me too harshly. This song is written in good humor. Farewell, friends.

Elder Benge

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