Monday, December 21, 2015

*music* Caroling Caroling Through The... Rain?

Merry Christmas to all you happy little bunny people! (Doesn't that sound like a quote from some terrifying TV show for children? You know, one of those where it's supposed to be for little kids, but it really just ends up being super creepy? *Insert cough that sounds vaguely like the word "Teletubbies"*)
Yes, Christmas has been very wet this year. In fact, the practically perpetual precipitation  promptly proceeds to permeate my pants within seconds of me leaving the apartment. Even when I am wearing a "waterproof" coat, it only takes a few hours before it starts to soak through. There are very few "waterproof" things in Washington that actually manage to live up to their name for more than a few hours of walking around outside in the rain. (Don't send me any coats in the mail, though. This one is good, I promise. It lasts longer than any other missionary coat I have seen as of yet) There is so much rain that I feel like it is coming out of my very pores and nostrils, and every orifice of my being. That's right. I don't sweat. It's just my pores raining because I'm in Washington.
I was also able to sing in sacrament meeting this week! I love singing. I've missed it a lot. We have been able to go caroling a couple times as a zone, and I simply love it! I want to be able to use music as a missionary to help further the Lord's work. We have mission Christmas party tomorrow, and each zone does a skit. For our skit, I wrote a parody of "The Final Countdown."
It is called "The Final Judgement." If you want to see my lyrics, you can find it on the blog. I want to be able to use music as frequently as I can on my mission. Music can truly bless lives, and touch souls. Beware though, because bad music can canker our souls and desensitize us to the Spirit.
Anyway, this week has been strikingly splendid. Seriously. Simply stated, we've started successfully scheduling some serious seekers of truth into our daily routine. We've actually been very busy teaching people this week! We also got Susan to come to church (where she found fellowship) as well as a pair of less actives that we found earlier. Things are definitely looking up. David is still really struggling with methamphetamine. Drugs are a terrible thing. They really destroy lives. If you remember, please pray periodically for these people. It is hard to watch people you have learned to love so much ruin their lives because of poor decisions and addictions in their lives. Everyone needs the light that this Gospel brings! It is only through the truths of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ that we can find lasting happiness! I promise you that this is true. Living according the world's definition of happiness only brings temporary pleasure, which is then followed by constant sorrow, piercing pain, and relentless regret. Through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, these feelings can be relieved and replaced with abiding joy, profound peace, and a deeper understanding of God's purpose and love for each one of us.
That is why I love being a missionary. We literally become the means of helping people to use the Atonement in their life, and to completely change a life of confusion and sorrow into a life of joy and peace. I love the Atonement. I would recommend studying it this week. Perhaps by studying Alma 7 and/or Isaiah 53.
I'd just like to end with my testimony that Jesus Christ has born all of our burdens. He knows everything we go through. He did this so that we would be able to be reconciled with God. He did it because he loves us, and he wants us to be happy. I testify that Jesus Christ lives, and that he is the Son of God. He loves you. He loves each one of us. I promise that this is true. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Elder Benge

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