Monday, March 7, 2016

I Feel The Spirit Deep Within My Seoul

Holy Hari Kari, what an interesting week this has been. I suppose I should take a moment to inform you all that Elder Lee is from Seoul, Korea. He was baptized just a few years ago. He is learning English and he has been here in the WA-TAC for one transfer less than me. Actually, considering how new he is to the mission, he speaks English exceptionally better than I would have supposed.  The area I am in is ridiculously large. I mean, it's like the overly obese offspring of Alaska and China wearing an XXXXXXXXXXXL geographical fat suit. Plus some.* We don't even go to some parts of the area because it would take us way too long to drive out there. However, I should say that it is absolutely gorgeous out here, and the members love to feed us (emphasis on the gorge in gorgeous). No wonder this area is so fat.
We met a drunk guy this week, and when we asked him if we could pray, he offered to say it. We acquiesced, and he promptly proceeded to pray to the sun. And yes, I am very certain it was the sun and not the Son. Yes, he was also very drunk, so it is rather understandable. We are also teaching an especially eccentric recent convert named Christina. Please pray for her and her family. They are going through some difficult times. It is very sad to see the effect that drugs have on the brain. She used to just have some minor mental complications, which were extremely augmented and amplified by drug use. She is now recovering, and her peculiarities are beginning to subside, but she still has a host of issues because of her past decisions. 
We are also teaching a wonderful woman named Chynna. She asks all sorts of great questions, and is reading the Book of Mormon. She is on date to be baptized in two weeks.
We also recently found a family of 6 who relocated to this area from Colorado. They were taking the discussions there, and sorely missed the missionaries... until we knocked into them.
The hand of the Lord is definitely working in this area. I mean, region. I mean, state, Oh, wait. Maybe it's an entire country. Perhaps it is even it's own continent.
Anyway, I don't have much else to write, but I would like to say that I know that the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ is on the earth today. I know that the Atonement is infinite, and that we can overcome all things through Jesus Christ. I love the scriptures. If you have not read the Book of Mormon, read it. Even if you don't understand all the words, read it. Pay attention to how you feel. If you haven't been praying, start now. If you don't have a testimony, then read the Book of Mormon and pray about it. If you aren't living the way you know you should, then stop. God loves you. He wants you to repent, and you will be much, much, much happier if you do. I promise that joy comes from keeping the commandments. You can be forgiven. It may seem hard to repent, but once you do, you will taste of the most exquisite joy you could ever imagine (Go read Alma 36). That's a promise.
Pray, and ask God what you can do to be better. He will tell you (See the conference talk on "What lack I yet?"). I promise that if you will do what he tells you, you will find a greater measure of joy and satisfaction. I leave you with these things in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

*Note: This description is not to scale.
Elder Benge

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