Monday, March 14, 2016

The Seventeenth Year of the Rain of the Judges

Gee willikers, Ron! It Certainly has been raining cats and judges recently out here (More on the dogs later)! And by recently, of course, I mean almost non-stop for the past three weeks. Now, I am almost certain that I have a Vitamin D deficiency, because I have only seen the sun in all of it's effulgent glory probably... 6 times on my mission. Good thing I found some gummy vitamins in my new apartment. I've been eating those like candy. The whole jar lasted all of one and a half weeks. Hmmm... I guess I'm not nearly as mature as I thought I was. Anyway, now I know I've talked about the rain before, but these last few weeks have been especially horrendous, even for Washington. Any time I walk outside, I immediately feel like every single one of my pores is like the nose of a mournful widow that has been lamenting her deceased husband for 6 days nonstop without having access to any Kleenexes.There was one day where my thick coat was completely soaked  within the short time that it took just to walk from the house to the car. Yeah. That was a cold day. This is the first time I've ever used an umbrella on my mission, out of necessity, not preference. Just a side note: I don't use umbrellas for two reasons: 1. I find them cumbersome, and I prefer just weathering the storm as opposed to not being able to use both hands, and also freezing my digits as I try to cling to a freezing cold piece of plastic. 2. Any time I have an umbrella I either feel obligated to open and close it repeatedly in an attempt to fly like Mary Poppins, or else I spin it around and do little dance moves whilst singing or whistling "Singing in the Rain".
Fortunately, I have the presence of mind to cease my strange antics whenever someone is watching me. Well, usually whenever someone is watching me. 
Ahem. Anyway. I promised to talk about dogs, and now I shall. Every one and their dog owns a dog here in Belfair. I have almost been bitten twice. The first time I had to fend of the ferocious critter with my umbrella (Ha ha! Mary Poppins triumphs again!).
The second time I felt like we were definitely being protected by the angels of heaven.
Elder Lee and I were strolling nonchalantly down the driveway of an innocent appearing abode, when suddenly, we hear a thunderous bark and an enormous, shaggy ball of disheveled and hellish caninism careened around the edge of the house and started barreling towards us, gnashing its teeth like a son of perdition eating a Jolly Rancher. Well, there was certainly no time to run, for it was already much too close, so when it was about three feet away, I just took a defensive stance and let out a guttural vociferation in an attempt to make it think I was actually dangerous. My "roar" was a lot more pitiful sounding than I thought it would be, but the beast drew back regardless, much to my astonishment. The devil-spawn drew back, of course, not because there was any consternation caused by my pathetic attempt at a war cry, but more likely because an angelic guardian bopped it on the head like a field mouse being manhandled by Little Bunny Foo-Foo.
Suffice to say, Elder Lee and I were able to retreat unscathed to the safety of the middle of the road (Note to children: Do not use the middle of the road as a place of refuge unless you are a professional or a missionary.)
I guess I should probably talk about the actual work here, now, so here goes: The work here is absolutely fantastic! We are teaching a wonderful family of 6, and we have been blessed by God with several other very prepared investigators that we were serendipitous enough find. (In reality, it was no fortunate coincidence. There is no way we could have just gotten this lucky. God's hand has definitely been at work here in the Belfair area. Anyway, I know that God is real. I bear witness of His deep love for all of His children. He personally loves everyone one of you. If you do not feel that God loves you, then I challenge you to sincerely ask Him in prayer. Then, read the scriptures until you get an answer, and I promise that answer will come. I testify of the truthfulness of the Restored Gospel.
3 Nephi 18:15-20

P.S. Someone told me I was a "true Washingtonian" a little while back after I knocked on their door, completely drenched on a rainy night and told her that "the rain isn't that bad". I then informed her that I was from Utah. Ha ha. The look on her face was priceless. 
Elder Benge

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