Monday, October 24, 2016

Fictitious Fantasies

Sometimes I feel like Lehi, with my mind so distracted and swallowed up in other things that I can't focus or remember stuff. (See 1 Nephi 15:27)
In all honesty, I can't really conjure up any memories of anything from this past gongjuggledy-upped week. The whole week just sort of drippled by in a blur, leaving just a residuum of giwhonkled memories behind. Ah, yes, now some of it is coming back to mind...
On Saturday we had a ward Halloween Party and Chili Cook Off. We had a lot of less actives show up, and that was really cool. Unfortunately, we did not have the opportunity to dress up and mingle in with all of the other bizarre, unique, and niggley costumes we saw there. That was fun, and the chili was simply cantatacious on the taste buds.
We have been working very hard trying to find people to teach recently. Bernie is going out of town, and failed to prepare fully for baptism. She will be back at the end of November, so I probably won't even be here anymore. 
Anywhilk, we were working hard and we just weren't finding anyone, and we had been praying for a family of 5 this whole transfer. Well, this Sunday a family of 6 showed up at another ward because the father wanted his kids to go to church and be baptized, and he felt like he should come here. Well, it turns out he lives in our ward boundaries, so we are absolutely stoked to go and teach him. (We haven't met him yet, we got the referral yesterday). God answers prayers, and he does it in ways we don't expect.  Elder Miller and I (but mostly me) were just bizooping off of the walls when we got home in excitement. God really is just awesome. Things are going well here. I would not rather be anywhere else then here at this time, and I love sharing these things with people.
I was reading Alma 5 today and I was simply fascinated with it. The imagery and the spirit contained in his words is amazing. Who are we becoming? Do we have God's image in our countenance? Are we sufficiently grateful for the blessings we have each received in life?
May you all take time to read and ponder on the scriptures every single day, for in them we have the words of eternal life, and answers to all our questions, and comfort for our times of need (we can also find answers for those around us, and things that will comfort them) 
What else can I say? 
I am way too discombobulated right now. Have a good week.
Elder Benge

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