Monday, October 3, 2016

Forget All Your Troubles, Forget All Your Cares And Go... Downtown!

With those psychedelic lights!
Teaching hippies all night!
And I got to ride a bike, too!

This week was certainly an extraordinary one, with a markedly different weekend due to the occurrence of general conference (a fact with which you are already acquainted with and which was a very superfluous thing to include). The week was also on the hair of it's toes because of an exchange we had which took me downtown on bike for a day, and because of the suspense of having transfer calls in between conference sessions! Oh boy, sounds like a week worthy of inclusion in the Iliad with all of that excitement and mythical magic, eh?
Alright, now I am just rambling.
I thought conference was phenomenal, and I especially appreciated the ever-present themes I found emulsified throughout conference. Here are some themes I noticed:

1.Beware of the philosophies of men! (and don't go less active)
Amen to that council! Probably my favorite talks were by Elder Quentin L. Cook and Elder Ronald A. Rasband. I loved Rasband's sermon on not forgetting. It is very easy to forget things. My brain is especially proficient at forgetting. I am so grateful for journals, and for the constant other reminders I have around me that remind me of the spiritual experiences I have had. Don't forget, my friends!
2. Be grateful!
Be grateful for commandments, be grateful in trials. Be grateful for repentance. This theme was also very intrinically connected to the next theme, a fact which I found very interesting... The next theme was:
3. Have Joy! Seek for joy!
Yes, interesting right? One of the key components of joy is being grateful. I also loved the idea of seeking for joy, and looking to find joy in repentance and all these other things. Joy is the only long lasting and completely satisfying form of happiness. I am grateful for the gospel, and the joy I have felt in it.

Anyway, I must go now. My companion is anxiously shaking like a hungry, hypoglycemic child in a candy shop. Also, there is no news regarding transfers. Elder Miller and I are both staying, (and not training.)
Have a wonderful week everyone!
Elder Benge

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