Monday, January 9, 2017

A Rose By Any Other Name

Jesus came to John the Baptist
in Judea long ago,
and was baptized by immersion
in the River Jordan's flow
Baptism is so important. It is the means by which God has prepared us to enter into a covenant with him that starts us on the covenant pathway which leads to dwelling eternally in his presence and having a fullness of joy. In baptism we show our willingness to take Christ's name upon us. and become his children. We commit to start a new life as his disciple. We choose to leave our old, natural self behind. (In case you are wondering, the part of ourselves we choose to try and leave behind is the part of ourselves that we are all secretly dissatisfied with anyway. It is the part of ourselves that is selfish, self-absorbed, unkind and unloving)
We all have a part of ourselves that we want to get rid of. We know it is not a part of our eternal character. I testify that it is through Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel that we can change and become a man or woman of Christ. His Atonement is a wonderful gift, that helps us become so much better. Not one of us is going to be instantly perfect because of this recommitment to Jesus Christ. It is a process and a pathway, with baptism as the beginning. Please don't ever give up on the goal because it is hard. I promise it is worth it. One of my favorite missionaries in the mission (Elder Hatfield) said in his departing testimony: "Our goal is perfection but we need to be happy with progression".
This is so true. We need to find joy in the journey without forgetting the greater joy that we know we will find in the destination.
I brought this topic up because Rose is getting baptized this week. We are so excited for her. Despite resistant family members, she has chosen to make this covenant with God, and she has kept her eye single to that goal despite all odds. We are so excited. I hope you all have a wonderful week, and be sure to keep in mind how powerful your example may be in influencing the life of another. Also, I love you all. I really do. I also love my companions here. I also learned how to flip coins and make them buzz through the air with terrifying speed. I am also very happy about that. I don't think my companions are, though. ;)

Elder Benge

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