Monday, January 30, 2017

Indicative Initiative

What an indubitably incredible week, everyone! We had some great things happen! Unfortunately, I can't remember any of them, so I will resort to writing useless random things that may or may not be pertinent to anything. We had a worldwide missionary broadcast this week that changed our schedule as well as our key indicators that we report. 
We had a lot of success this week, although one of our on date investigators disappeared and we cannot contact him. We suspect he has gone to jail. Unfortunately, the mistakes we make in our past do affect our future. This is the half of agency that a lot of people don't like: accountability. However, without accountability we would never learn, and we would never change. There must be sin and punishment in order for their to be righteousness and happiness.
Anyway, we met with Cameron (an unbaptized child) and have taught him the first 3 lessons already. He is reading and praying, and is scheduled to be baptized this Saturday! We are very excited for him. We are also still teaching Emery, and he is doing well. He has already read the start of the Book of Mormon and he prays with us each time we meet with him. He is also on date to be baptized on the 18th. One of the times we met with him his less active father was across the room, and we could tell he was listening as he became very quiet and still. God reaches out to all of his children. He wants all of us to have His blessings in our lives.
Es uno milagro de Navidad! The season never ends. Anywhonk, I don't know what else to say, except for that I really really love my mission. I love how beautiful it is here. I am sure I will love the rugged beauty of Utah when I get back, but I will definitely miss the greenery that is up here. I won't miss how dark it gets here during the winter, though.
I love you all. I love the Gospel. I know that the Book of Mormon is true. I recommend you all go and look up Elder Gary E. Stevenson's Special Witness of Christ video about prophets and apostles.
Have a great week!

Elder Benge

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