Monday, July 31, 2017

The Great Train Robb-ery

This week has been amazing. My very new, greenie companion is Elder Colby John Robb. He is from Syracuse Utah, and he is very awesome. We are already getting along really well, and he is a great missionary. He has also taught me a few moves from Krav Maga (a type of martial arts). Now I am ready to beat someone up just in case someone decides to jump the poor missionaries.
We have met a lot of Samoans this week, and they are very nice. They love feeding the missionaries and giving them things. Sometimes they drive by and hand you money or boxes of food. It is way awesome. 
This letter feels disjointed, and I apologize for that. I am just spitting out random things from the week as I think of them.
We got an investigator named Anthony to church this week and introduced him to some members. We were very excited when he came, as he was a little bit late and we were getting scared, thinking he wasn't coming. 
We have found a few potentials this week, and we are really hoping they will go somewhere. This transfer looks like it is going to be great, and I am way excited to be with Elder Robb. He is a great guy. 
I definitely know that God watches over each of us. We are the sheep in his flock, and he knows us each by name. He calls to each of us, and it is up to us to respond to the good shepherd's voice. He calls us in his own name, to signify that we are his. We become his and take his name upon us as we make sacred covenants, such as baptism. I am very grateful for the restored truths of the Gospel. Many people out there do not understand the beautiful simplicity of the fullness of the Gospel. They have been confused by the philosophies of man.
We had the opportunity to teach the primary children this week. As we taught, I felt the Spirit testify to me of the truthfulness of the restoration. I realized how very blessed these children were to be raised with such precious pearls of truth. I urge us all (myself included) to not take for granted what we have been given! Have a wonderful week! Ta ta, cheerio!

Elder Benge

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