Monday, August 7, 2017

Slow Week 'Til Fast Sunday

As the title of the email clearly illustrates, this week was a rather slow one. We found a few new. Nothing much exciting was happening. We were really praying that would start finding some more people. On Sunday, Ashley didn't come to church, and we were really disappointed. Then, right before dinner we biked up to the member we were eating at at the top of the area and decided to knock there before dinner (which was a slight change of plans). On about the 3rd door we knocked, someone opened the door and said "How did you know we needed you?"
I'm not going to lie, I honestly thought they were joking or just needed to move their couch or something. Nope, they had actually just been praying and trying to get a hold of the missionaries even going to the extent of just barely sending in a referral for themselves on so that their daughter could get a blessing before going in for ear surgery the next day. They were members, but they weren't from the ward and were just taking care of someone who had just had a stroke, so they didn't know how to get a hold of someone. So we gave the daughter a blessing, as well as the older gentleman who had just had a stroke. It was a small thing,  it was a small thing, but it was a relief to know that God was using us as angels to answer prayers. Sometimes it is nice to know that God really is using you for something. We then went to dinner and got a bunch of great referrals from the member, and then we knocked doors and found a less active very interested in coming to church and a solid new investigator. It was very nice. 

Now, for other miscellaneous moments of mystification for the week:
We met a weird Asian guy who explained to us how God was a single-celled organism started all alone and then made the universe out of circles. It was an interesting conversation. He would ask us really random questions and then compliment us if we got the answer right (of course, it was just a guessing game as we would try to figure out his the details of his obscure belief system.)
Here are  some excerpts from the conversation:
Him: What part of our body does God dwell in?
Me: The heart!
Him: Close...
Me: Um.... the sternum.
(He stares at me blankly)
Robb: The brain!
Him: Yes! What part of the brain?
Me: The cerebral cortex!
Him: You are very smart. That is very close.
(I am now at a loss for words because I don't know very many other parts of the brain and I have no idea how close they are to each other)
Him: What is the most sacred part of the body?
Me: Ummm... The heart! No, wait! The tongue!
Him: Wow. You got it right on. It is the vein that goes directly from the heart to the tongue. 
Him: What do these circles look like?
Me: Er...  A flower?
Him: Yes, very close. A flower is part of it.
Me: The circle of life?
Him: Wow. You are 98% right. It is the flower... of life.
Me: Ahh, silly me! Of course.

Suffice to say, it was a very interesting conversation. I wonder how many crazy people I have talked to on my mission. Probably a good amount. Anyway, I will stop boring you with my life, and I will permit you to return to that which was previously keeping you occupied. Adios.
Elder Benge

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