Monday, November 28, 2016

Diamond In The Rough

Hello, my dear friends, How is everyone doing. Good to hear, good to hear. This week was a wonderful one, and a wet one. In other words, 'twas a week in the Wa-Tac.
In the movie "Aladdin", the giant sand-head-beasty-thingamajigmeister say mentions that only 'the diamond in the rough' can get in. I was thinking about that this week as I knocked a street called Diamond St on what was one of the wettest days I have experienced in my time on the mission. This combination caused me to reflect upon the necessity of trials and adversity in our lives, and then I remembered that Thanksgiving was the next day, and then I started thinking about gratitude. You know, gratitude is the key to having lasting joy during the difficulties that always inevitably jump into our lives and start doing obnoxious things to us, like like loosening the bristles on our toothbrush so that the next time we brush our teeth our mouth is filled with disconnected bristles. That is right, gratitude brings hope and joy no matter what our circumstances are. So happy Thanksgiving, everyone. Other than the wetness and Thanksgiving, I cannot think of anything that is even remotely interesting (Not that rain is interesting) for me to write about. Let me see..... some members gave us a box of jalapeno potato chips! Random boring fact number two: Elder Payne is ticklish, and we randomly jump on him and tickle him! Random information number three: Elder Rogers and Elder Pisciotta got sick on different days, but fortunately we are in a foursome so we could always have two of us out working still!
Here is the last thing: Go and watch the new Christmas video released by the Church ("Light The World"). Then, look at the 25 ways in 25 days initiative they are doing foro 25 days of service. Then, do them! Therefore, if ye know these things, see that ye do them!
Go and share your light with somebody else. And then, if you are feeling extra generous, go ahead and send me a package of Skittles in the mail. I love surprise candy. (Or if you want to do some good you can go volunteer at a food bank and help feed someone that actually needs it. That is probably the better idea, although I would never ever ever in my entire life ever ever say no to candy {unless it was given to me by strangers}).
Anyway, farewell.

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