Monday, November 14, 2016

The Breastplate of Riotousness

Good morning, dear people of the world. This week was interesting mostly because of transfer calls; and what wonderful transfer calls they were, too! Ahhh yes, I shall be sad to leave Olympia, but the thought of a fresh area is just invigorating. I will be heading down to Centralia, WA, and her is the really exciting part: I am going to be in a foursome! HALLELUJAH! Sing praises from morn until even! I am pumped. I will be with Elder Pisciotta (pronounced 'Pish-oda' making it sound sort of like a man with a lisp talking about an 'angry' Master Yoda), Elder Trebilcock (Good luck on that one. I have no dependable idea on how to say it, but I think it is like the treble clef in music mixed with a rooster), and Elder Rogers (pronounced 'Raw-goo-airse' [Jk. It's pronounced normal]).
Elder Pithyyoda and Elder Tremblingcrock are both Spanish Missionaries, and Elder Tribbleclock is also in his second transfer, meaning I am helping follow up train him. I am very excited. Normally Centralia is an spanish-missionary-only area, so it was a huge surprise that I am going there.
Ha ha! Pretty soon my emails are going to contain smatterings of espanol, and after that they will probably be written entirely in the foreign dialect, at which point you will stop reading them and I will lose contact with you entirely. Anyway, I am excited for the transfer. We also met with an investigator named Elisa this week who we found through a media referral (she referred herself). She is way solid, and is taking the Book of Mormon to a week long conference for her job to study it during every available moment. I am fairly certain she will be baptized, although I will be gone at that point. Anyway, farewell, dear amigos! Have a good week.
Also, here is my new address:

1007 Roosevelt Ave Upper
 Centralia, Wa 98531
(The 'upper' part is because we live on the upper floor, apparently)
Elder Benge

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