Monday, November 7, 2016

The Dribbling Deceased

I must be quick today, for presently I must dash away. As Puck from The Seussification of  A Midsummer Night's Dream said (according to my foggy memory) "Razzamatazzimapip-pip- putan! I'll go get that flower just as quick as a can!"
By far the highlight of the week was Elder Seegmiller's funeral. Because this is his last transfer, we gave him a funeral before District meeting. The service consisted mostly of extemporaneous musical eulogies, and a formal reading of the cause of death, and a tribute to his life. The best moment came as we lifted the table he was laid on and carried it into the room (with his face concealed by a thin blanket). Well, Elder Stuart made me laugh really hard as I was picking up my side of the table. Well, as anyone who knows me really well can attest, when I start laughing uncontrollably, I also start drooling without restraint, and this was no exception. Soon, the blanket over poor Elder Seegmiller's face was saturated with my saliva. That made me laugh even harder, especially because he had to go through the entire funeral service with the damp cloth on his forehead. It was awesome. 
We also had some preparation for Elder's Quorum this week. On Friday we went to see one of our potential investigators, and there was a moving truck at her house. Surprise! She was moving away! Well, we helped her load all of her belongings into the truck despite the grievances caused by her nuisance of a child (possibly the most obnoxious child I have ever laid eyes upon, but that might also have been because he had clearly been drinking a lot of Mountain Dew and he was on a sugar and a caffeine high [his mattress had a freshly made urine stain from the night before on it. :D]).
Anyway, we returned home fatigued from our labors, only to discover another moving van right across the street from us. So we went and helped out. It was a lot of fun, but my forearms were pretty tired by the end of the day.
We got to do a lot of service today, including rushing to the hospital and giving a blessing to a pregnant mother whose child was apparently stubborn enough that he was refusing to be born even when he really needed to be.
There is something intensely satisfying about being a ministering angel for the Lord. I am sure John the Beloved and the 3 Nephites just love doing this for so long. You are at the beck and call of God and are always available to help out those in need. It is just fantastic. 
Anywhart, that is really all that I have today, so I hope that you all have a wonderful week.

Elder Benge

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